Honest Chocolate Spread

It tastes and feels incredibly indulgent. Velvety feel with deep chocolate flavour. Especially good on fresh ciabatta, strawberries, bananas - or just on a spoon. Also goes well on most body parts.
Honest Chocolate Slabs

Pure simple chocolate. Just raw, organic cacao and a bit of agave. Floral notes of jasmine from the singe origin Aribba Nacional bean from Ecuador. Each bar is hand moulded.
Honest Chocolate Bonbons

Dark and intense bonbon truffle with a hard chocolate outside and a soft
smooth chocolatey centre. Melt in your mouth. Each praline is cut by hand and hand dipped using a traditional dipping fork.

"I recently bought your chocolate bars and spread from the neighborhood market in Cape Town. I unfortunately am living to regret it as its my new addiction. Thought I'd let you know you've ruined all other dark chocolates for me..."

"their chocolate bon bons have a positively orgasmic melt-in-the-mouth texture..."